Meeting Bandwidth and Latency Standards for the Zettabyte Era

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM GMT
The Deck at The National Theatre



Welcome to 400G at Light Speed

400G at Light Speed is a free half day conference to bring you fully up to speed with building communications infrastructure to ready your data centre to meet latency and bandwidth requirements for the next decade.

Presentations will be delivered by leaders in the field of fibre optic research and solutions development, with a keynote from Dr Rick Pimpinella, holder of 55 US patents and author of 50 technical white papers and articles. Sponsored by Panduit, Cisco and Fluke Networks, 400G at Light Speed will also include breakfast, refreshments and a networking lunch.

Speakers from IDC, Panduit, Cisco and Fluke Networks will provide you with an introduction to the way the market for high speed data centre communications is changing and evolving; the impact on emerging standards; and an overview to products and solutions that will future-proof your data centre and ensure the investments you make today to upgrade communications infrastructure will pay dividends in the coming decades.

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